Online Reputation


Importance of Your Online Reputation

At the end of the day the only thing we can rely on is our reputation and authority. Whether you’re a celebrity or a business, the Internet has taught us how easy the tide can turn against you. Intentional or not, even a slight misstep can result in a barrage of disparaging Tweets, press releases, Facebook rants, articles, videos and blogs. The Internet has given everyone a voice that can reach potential millions within seconds.

Online reputation management has be to a priority if you plan to use branded websites and social media profiles on the Internet for business growth. But it requires a professional hand that knows how to reinforce credibility through management, monitoring and strategy. Bright Past is the team of reputation management experts that can help you gain your clients’ trust.


online reputationReputation management is all about safeguarding your good name. This is critical for any online presence. You can conduct yourself with the utmost dignity and still have a site, product or service review, social media or blog report something to the detriment of your reputation. A competitor or unhappy customer can say whatever they want about you with ease, and not even verify the accusation. You could make an honest mistake and inexplicably find yourself being slandered.

With online reputation management, you are always covered by pros who are monitoring what the Internet community is saying about you and will quickly move to assess and attack the situation.


One of the greatest advantages of having a solid online presence is the opportunity to credibly address actions that question your reputation. You can communicate with the community swiftly. Of course, you need to know what to say. With an appropriate response, you reinforce your brand positively and potentially quell negativity. Attempting to talk rationally with others about their conflicts and complaints proves you are readily available, enhancing your reputation as others attempt to tear it down.


Positive Impressions

Ensuring all your online information is accurate and positive is critical. A massive portion of the world isn’t waiting for an interview in People or Inc. to learn about you. They’re popping a name into a search engine and getting their first impressions from the results. Profiles, testimonials, social media, they all influence how the public sees you. It’s important that an experienced manager track these platforms, updating and reviewing how you’re represented.

The need to have online reputation management cannot be measured. It can be a time consuming task, but it is one that requires research, monitoring and implementing the right strategy for managing a comprehensive online reputation.