Celebrity Management


Celebrity Image Management

Certain personalities notwithstanding, most celebrities try to strike a balance between having a robust online presence without being in the public’s presence all the time. A smart online presence is nuanced and measured. Most celebrities have a team of professional marketers that carefully orchestrate their client’s image, making sure all the right information is released at the right time.

Strategic monitoring of the Internet — especially social media — is a consideration for even the underground celebrity. There was a time when controlling these productions was managed solely through print, radio and television. The Internet has opened up a vast range of new challenges and opportunities. In today’s world, a celebrity’s popularity is assessed by something as arbitrary as how many followers they have on Twitter. There is the belief celebrities have to be constantly accessible and engaging. The flip side is at any given moment a poorly worded statement or misdirection can lead to public discontent.

The benefits of being online are great though. A small garage band can suddenly reach a worldwide audience. A humanitarian can use their celebrity to raise awareness about charitable causes.

Public figures — be they actors, politicians or reality stars — prize their longevity. The Internet can be fundamental to career growth. But if any celebrity wants to avoid running over the many bumps the web presents, it’s important to have online management that can sufficiently develop their social media presence.