Public Relations


Understanding Public Relations and Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation management campaign boils down to public relations. It’s about building and safeguarding brand value, building awareness and driving positive traffic. It’s about media coverage and how the general public views you.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find poorly structured online reputation management campaigns that lack sufficient public relations elements, if not overlooked altogether. We’re talking common measurements that include number and types of placements and impressions. The sole purpose of public relations — and, in large part, online reputation management — is to design and sustain an entity’s relationships, regardless if that entity’s a person, organization, service or product. Through stories, video, counsel and more, you create momentum and opportunities for your brand.

digital prPublic relations has to measure success to evaluate the benefits of a campaign. It has to access and anticipate both internal and external expectations. This aligns with what you want out of online reputation management, as well. They both must secure placement and start conversations which center on your authority. They should enhance credibility. Content has to seem organic as the wrong approach will leave consumers to see no more than an advertisement provided by the entity. That only leads to skepticism and reputation damage. These campaigns must understand SEO, increasing client visibility without overexposure.

Make sure your online reputation management implements practiced and proven principles of public relations to benefit branding your position and minimizing your bottom line. Without it, you risk losing credibility, value and legitimacy.